I am a man of strong faith, raised in a household of a single mother along with my grandparents, both whom happen to be preachers. I respect and appreciate what the Lord provides us through opportunity. That same respect carries into my family and their safety.

"A-Man-You-Can-Rely-On" passionate outdoorsman that was raised by a single mother, I take pride in being a self-taught hunter. lt was through watching the legends on tv and my pure passion that I learned to read animal behaviors, rely on the moon phases to hunt smarter, not harder, and hold true to my ethics and respect of the balance of man and nature.

Josh Galt Pro Staff
Being raised by my mom in some of New Orleans' toughest neighborhoods, I learned to fight for the things that matter most, nature is God’s school of survival, and anything tastes good with hot sauce. Self-taught in many aspects, after attending college for 2 years in New Orleans I started my own company at age 18 and have worked, marketed, and made myself one of the best-known hunting and fishing guides. My hope is to share and carry on my passion for the outdoors with my son, an experience I never had with my own father. I want everyone to know my heart is as true as my shot.


Are you still on the mountain or in your stand when Mother Nature's sent everyone else packing? Can you laugh at yourself and still come out a winner, when everything on a hunt goes sideways? Would you solemnly swear to push our gear to its absolute limits, to help us make it even better? Well then, you may just have what it takes to join our team of pros.