• Resides (Location): Burlington, KY
  • Profession: Construction/Facility Manager | Fenton Rigging (Day Job)
    Inventor/ Owner | Hilljacked Outdoor Chair
  • Favorite State to Hunt: Kentucky
  • Favorite Species to Hunt: Whitetails, Turkeys
  • One Interesting Fact About Yourself: I will never stop learning.
  • Favorite Badlands Pack: Timber Pack
  • Favorite Badlands Apparel Piece or Set: Ion X Pant, Canvass Jacket
  • An Original Quote From Your Own Mind: “In the outdoors, you can go from the greatest high in the world to the lowest of the low in a split second.”

Born in 1977, Kyle started showing great interest in the outdoors at a young age. He grew up hunting with his father who first took him on his whitetail and squirrel hunts when he was about four years old. As Kyle became older, he ventured out on his own taking what his father had taught him and put it to use now teaching his own children, McKenzie (8) and Kollin (5) in the field . After countless seasons in the Kentucky Hills, Kyle has honed his skills and now takes as much pleasure in viewing the wilderness as he does in successful hunts. He enjoys everything there is about hunting and fishing.

In 2014 Kyle picked up a camera and quickly began to see the outdoors in a new perspective. With some helpful tips, tricks, and guidance from other photographers and a lot of "Google," he has packed a portfolio with images for some of the largest names in the hunting industry. You will rarely see him at a trade show or in the woods without a camera strapped around his neck.


Are you still on the mountain or in your stand when Mother Nature's sent everyone else packing? Can you laugh at yourself and still come out a winner, when everything on a hunt goes sideways? Would you solemnly swear to push our gear to its absolute limits, to help us make it even better? Well then, you may just have what it takes to join our team of pros.