• Resides (Location): Linton, IN
  • Profession: Union Pipefitter
  • Favorite State to Hunt: Illinois
  • Favorite Species to Hunt: Whitetail
  • Favorite Wild Game to Eat: Alligator
  • Foundations He Belongs To: Kicking Bear, RMEF, Delta Waterfowl
  • One Interesting Fact About Yourself: Only hunts with bow and arrow.
  • Favorite Badlands Pack: Superday
  • Favorite Badlands Apparel Piece or Set: Hybrid Set
  • An Original Quote From Your Own Mind: "No sights, no release, no problem."


Are you still on the mountain or in your stand when Mother Nature's sent everyone else packing? Can you laugh at yourself and still come out a winner, when everything on a hunt goes sideways? Would you solemnly swear to push our gear to its absolute limits, to help us make it even better? Well then, you may just have what it takes to join our team of pros.