Our Promise

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At Badlands, We Solemnly Swear:

To sweat the small stuff, so you sweat a little less. To put a big weight on our shoulders, so your load is a little easier. We swear to always be unconditional. Unmistakable. And a little bit crazy about everything you're crazy about.
So what's that mean? It means our gear is so well-built, we can cover it by our legendary Unconditional Lifetime Warranty.

It's Unconditionally The Best Warranty In The Business

Go Ahead And Go Crazy With It

The legal department wants to bog us down with “rules” in this section, but we’ve never been very good at following those. So to our Badlands customers, here’s the deal: if you have an issue, we want to make things right.

Saw a pack in half to get a new one? We’d draw the line there. But if life hands you a particularly bad day of hunting (sounds impossible, right?) and you rip, tear, or otherwise shred your Badlands gear, we will do our absolute best to repair it if we can.

You Can Stop Blaming Your Brother-in-Law

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