• Profession: Outdoor Writer/Videographer
  • Favorite State to Hunt: Montana/Kansas
  • Favorite Species to Hunt: Whitetail/Turkey
  • Favorite Wild Game to Eat: Venison
  • Foundations He Belongs To: Keep it Public, Backcountry hunters and anglers, RMEF, NWTF
  • One Interesting Fact About Yourself: I sleep naked even in hunting camp…… I was a professional rodeo cowboy for 27 years.
  • Favorite Badlands Pack: Monster Fanny/Superday
  • Favorite Badlands Apparel Piece or Set: Calor Pants, Jacket, Shirt, Leggings, Beanie
  • An Original Quote From Your Own Mind: “Ego is the Enemy….”

For 18 years, Tim has been exclusively a bowhunter with a great love of all things archery. Hunting the whitetail and turkey country of the Midwest has been his passion, with public land hunting being his specialty.

If you want to know how deep Tim’s drive for the hunt is, just have a conversation with him and it will quickly turn to bowhunting, past hunts, and the equipment he uses. Whether scouting public land or hanging stands and cameras in Kansas and Arkansas, the persistent pursuit of game is always prevalent as summer turns to fall whitetails and spring to longbeards. This seems to be a continual process for Tim who spends many of his off-days on public land looking for new pinch points to hunt during the rut. “Hunting public land creates a whole new set of challenges for any bowhunter, being successful on land that anyone can hunt gives me a huge sense of accomplishment and also some level of credibility among other hunters. Even though I hunt private property in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas I still love the challenge of taking down a pope and young buck on public land that is accessible to any hunter,” says Tim.

Tim has also been published in local magazines and national websites and enjoys teaching young bowhunters as well as learning from other accomplished hunters. “The day you stop learning and studying your prey is the day you should stop hunting, I believe you should be a constant student of the game.”

Active involvement in conservation groups such as RMEF and NWTF is also an important part of life in the Endsley home. Tim has been co-chairman of the RMEF banquet and helps produce a NWTF Jakes Day event in South Arkansas that hosts 200 children. There he teaches treestand safety to kids and parents alike.

When not in a tree somewhere with bow in hand, you can find Tim working to promote bowhunting at store openings or doing seminars on treestand safety and bowhunting tactics around the state or enjoying the competition of 3D archery tournaments to stay sharp for the upcoming seasons. Tim has also made guest appearances on The Sportsman’s Channel with several shows he works with through his company Bad Medicine Archery.

Tim loves his wife Mandy, his family, and the fellowship of other hunters, whether in a deer camp in Arkansas or a drop camp in Montana you will always find him promoting the hunting lifestyle.

Tim proudly represents: Badlands Gear, Bear Archery Products, Trophy Ridge, Rocket Broadheads, S4 Gear, Final Step, Commando Calls, Covert Scouting Cameras, Steiner Optics, Victory Archery, Campbells Camers, Piranha Custom Bowstrings, Hunting GPS Maps, Stokerized Aiming Solutions, Hipps Target, and Bad Medicine Archery.


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