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Your scope may be one of the most expensive pieces of gear you own, so show it a little love with a Badlands Scope Cover. This is one tough skin for your scope, that’ll shield it from mud, dust, blood, scuffs, scratches, and all the other abuse a hunt can dish out. Available in large and small sizes to fit nearly any scope.
  • camouflage technology icon Camouflage
  • Four Way Stretch
  • Max Scope Length (Small): 14.5 IN
  • Minimum Scope Length (Small): 8 IN
  • Max Scope Diameter (Small): 57 MM
  • Max Scope Length (Large): 16.5 IN
  • Minimum Scope Length (Large): 10 IN
  • Max Scope Diameter (Large): 70 MM
  • Stretch-Fit Design

We’re not into fine print, so our Unconditional Lifetime Warranty is simple. If you’re not satisfied with a piece of gear, we’ll refund or exchange it. If you break it, we’ll fix or replace it. Doesn’t matter what it is, how it happened, or whether or not your brother-in-law was involved. You’re covered for life.

Approach FX (Fall Crossover) is an Approach camo pattern with a darker hardwood color scheme, making it ideal for late-season hunts on browner terrains, where the leaves—and temperatures—start dropping. Since all Approach camos are designed to adapt, it'll work well in any location.
Approach OG (Original Green) is a camo pattern with green, brown and tan hues, making it especially effective during early season hunts with rich vegetation like pine and sage. With light patches and adaptive coloration, it'll keep you hidden wherever you take it.

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