Gear Breakdown: Best Hunting Day Packs

Gear Breakdown: Best Hunting Day Packs

Gear Breakdown: Best Hunting Day Packs

Larger doesn’t always mean better.

Sometimes small is mighty, dependable and just what we need in a hunting day pack.

But a hunting day pack can also be the difference between a great day and a horrible hunt. If it’s too heavy and not versatile? Forget about it. You won’t find that here. All of Badlands’ hunting day packs have a minimalist stature making it exactly what you’re looking for scouting trips, tree stands and even those deep, backcountry hunts as a partner to the larger packs.

They keep the essentials close, and everything organized.

Unsure to which day pack is the right fit for your needs? Let’s break it down pack-by-pack:


New Day Pack for Whitetail Hunts: One of our newer packs is the Connect Pack. It’s about 1,700 cubic inches and is designed to handle all the duties that a whitetail hunt demands. It’s durable, versatile and customizable — like the Badlands SWAP™ System it features, allowing you to add accessory pockets (sold separately) to the sides or front of the Connect Pack. And we can't forget to mention the top lid that converts into a gear shelf. The result is a pack that functions the way you always need it to.

Small Day Pack for Whitetail Hunts: Another new addition to the line-up is the Switch Pack. It’s small, but mighty weighing only one pound and measuring 850 cubic inches. This hunting day pack has abrasion-resistant mesh, a laptop sleeve and also features the customizable Badlands SWAP™ System — making it the perfect companion for wherever the hunt takes you.

Made for Action: The Pursuit Pack is built for the run-n-gun hunter. This 1,500-cubic inch pack keeps things simple with AirTrack™ Suspension to keep you cool, a big bladder pocket to keep you hydrated and a ton of compression straps to keep your gear secure. Simple, to the point and ready for what you need.

The Workhorse: The Superday Pack is super popular. We understand why — the performance is impressive. It has a 1,950-cubic inch belly that allows it to perform like a frame pack. Our next-gen venting is paired with a molded, memory foam back suspension to make this one of the most comfortable packs you’ve ever strapped on.

The Buddy System: The Reactor Pack is one of our favorites to pair with a bigger pack when we go deep into the woods. At 1 pound, 12 ounces, it’s lightweight and takes up little space (896 c.i.) in our Carbon Ox or Vario, yet still has a massive 3-liter hydration bladder. Once we settle in and get our camp set up, we like to leave the big dog at camp and use the lighter Reactor to tote the essentials as we pound the mountainsides all day. The Reactor is the ultimate team player of the pack world.

Comfort on the Move: The weight of a full 1,940 cubic inches of cargo space is evenly distributed in the Dash Pack via the built-in flex rods. This keeps even the densest of loads comfortable on your back, and we’re all about comfort. Plus, there are a ton of options built in, like the ability to carry a rifle or bow, a hip-belt pistol holster and the expandable side pockets.

Bowhunting Day Pack: People love the Badlands 2200 Pack. We figured that must be the sweet spot size-wise, so we designed the 2,700-cubic inch Vario 22 Pack and the rest is magic. Internal MOLLE attachment points and a detachable (and included) bow/rifle boot make the Vario 22 far more useful than just a bag on your back.

Best Day Pack for Women: The Valkyrie Day Pack features contouring that’s specifically designed for women. It also includes our Strata Suspension System™, which means a great fit you can count on. Hunting can be a tough gig. You might as well be comfortable. 

Best Day Pack for Minimalists: The Monster Pack is a 1,100-cubic inch beast of burden that features a Delron® Flex Frame, two fold-down workstation pockets, and adjustable (as well as removable) shoulder straps. You’re trendy and ready for anything the day brings you.

Wow. We gave you a lot to think about.

Here’s what it boils down to — Badlands hunting day packs offer maneuverability, flexibility and breathability. Just because they’re light, don’t think they aren’t tough. We wouldn’t cover them with our Unconditional Lifetime Warranty if we didn’t think they were hard as nails.

You can see for yourself that smaller may be better – head on over to our day pack collection on the website.