Share Your Shot to Win a Badlands Gift Card
July 23, 2020

Share Your Shot to Win a Badlands Gift Card

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Confession time.

You know those guilty pleasures everyone tries to hide but are unable to resist? For some, it’s junk food. For others, it’s reality T.V. For us, it’s trail camera photos.

Doesn’t matter if it’s spring, summer, fall (OK, especially fall) or winter, if you have a phone full of badass shots from your game cameras, we’re in.

Sure, we like seeing the big bucks, monster bulls, huge flocks of turkey and the other assorted critters that trip the sensors. Everyone loves that stuff.

We, however, have it bad. See, we also love the oddities, the weirdness and the beauty that can come from that little unattended box full of magic elf circuits. Nature’s cool, and it’s just a little bit cooler when we’re not there to muck it up.

So, we’re calling on all you crazies to post your coolest, weirdest, most stunning, or just generally awesome shots from a trail camera. Simply drop your photo in the giveaway post on Facebook or post it to Instagram with the hashtag #ShotsWithBadlands. Be sure to get them up before midnight Central Standard Time on August 19, 2020 if you want a shot at a $500 Badlands gift card.

We’ll pick our favorites, gather the office tribal council and vote on the ones that get us excited, amused or awed. You don’t need a massive elk doing battle with a pack of wolves to win, but we do want to see natural nature photos. From beautiful winter fog to hilarious bird faces to finally figuring out why the fish are disappearing from the koi pond (HONEY!!! Where’s my bow?!?!?), we want to see your shots.

Feel free to edit out any of your data from the photos first. You know, unless you want us knocking on your door at 0430 on opening day. Or if you really are extending an invite, we’re in! We got the donuts and coffee covered.

So, dial up those cellular plans or start pulling those SD cards. Ignore your spouse’s complaints and take over the 85” OLED in the den. You’re going to want to check every one of those 10,000 images of blowing leaves. Never know, there could be a $500 gift card hiding in those branches.

DISCLAIMER: Don’t think you can go to Google images or send in your buddy’s photo from Facebook. We’ll be implementing some NSA-level digital sleuthing. Anyone caught using someone else’s image will be disqualified and possibly even publicly mocked.

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