Badlands Camouflage Hunting Apparel Leaves BowHunterPlanet Satisfied and Wanting More
October 16, 2014

Badlands Camouflage Hunting Apparel Leaves BowHunterPlanet Satisfied and Wanting More

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Badlands Gear Proves Rock Solid.

​It was just over a year ago that Badlands signed with our show.  Since that time we have been putting this gear through the works.  Extreme temps, compatibility, comfort, scent control, ripping tests, and more.

Badlands BowHunterPlanet - Members choice Gold 2011

In 2014 Badlands stole the show with winning the 2014 Members Choice Awards GOLD for best pack company two years in a row.  They also moved up the ladder getting closer to winning best clothing.  As far as clothing goes the Badlands gear is second to none!  Big clothing companies beware; the materials and quality of badlands clothing which is a very young clothing manufacturer is taking a strong lead in the market.

trio of hunters in camo

Coming up with new and innovative materials and clothing is what sets Badlands apart. They introduced the 4-X Scent Containment technology that does not need any special washing or care to activate.  Badlands also used materials such as bamboo/coffee/Kevlar to change the standard.

What we have seen from badlands is nothing short of pure genius and innovation and shows the power of capitalism.  Creating a much needed new product that we hunters have dreaming of. 

Badlands pack

Badlands offers many technical advantages to the hunter. They introduced variable motion seams to enhance your body’s natural range of motion.  Badlands also created Hex Lite, which is a honeycomb design that increases heat retention by trapping warm air into a multitude of interlinking channels.  Badlands keeps you dry by using industry leading DuPont Teflon DWR.  The water repels of the clothing keeping you warm and dry during the worst of conditions. We tested this to be accurate in extreme harsh hunting conditions.

Let’s not forget one of the most advanced layering systems around Bio-Thermic. This system is used in three different types (Base, Mid, Outer).  The base layer pulls moisture away while the mid layer holds your body heat.  This is all kept in place by the outer layer that keeps the elements out while providing extra heat. 

Now let’s talk the number #1 concern for most hunters, “Scent Control”. Badlands offers 4-X Scent Containment technology.  It is described by badlands in the following 4 steps. 

​Step One: Clothing is coated Silver

​All Badlands 4-X fabric used in our hunting clothing is coated Silver. It has been known for centuries that this precious metal attacks and destroys microbes and bacteria. As a matter of fact, Ancient people knew that if they stored their food in Silver containers it would not spoil. The Fact is; Silver works, and a lot of companies use it. The other fact is; these companies apply a thin coating on the fabric surface and call it good.

​Step Two: Double Spray Process

At Badlands we have always shown off a bit. We didn’t think that just spraying the outside was

Badlands pack photo

good enough. Therefore, once the fabric has dried, we roll it up and send it though the machine again, adding another coat to the underside, the part which directly makes contact with your skin, where the funk originates in the first place. Without doing this second coat on the inside microbes are allowed to get through the proverbial front door, where they may be stopped by the surface coating, however they have already penetrated the fabric by then, which can lessen the useful life of the garment. Excessive? Of course. This is Badlands we just can’t help ourselves.

This two sided approach ensures beyond a doubt, that none of them little ‘microbial buggers’ live long enough to get a girlfriend – no less raise a family we just can’t help ourselves.

​Step Three: Bio-Mapping

hunter in camo and gear - biomapping
Using a technique we call Bio-Mapping we determine the areas where the human body sweats and produces the most odor. In these key Locations, We chose fabrics made from Bamboo and Coffee. “What and What, you say?” Yes, Bamboo and Coffee have an incredible ability to kill bacteria and absorb odors. So we thought “why not use it in our hunting clothing?” When converted into fabrics, these organic materials also produce some of the softest, best wicking, environmentally friendly textiles known to man. The fact is: Since they occur as a natural property, even over time, neither Coffee nor Bamboo will lose their ability to perform vital duties. Unlike topical sprays and carbon, which degrade with each wash. Who else but Badlands would take scent containment all the way to an ‘Atomic level’?

​Step Four: Scent Gasketing

All this is very intriguing and actually works quite well. Except for one S.N.A.F.U. Jackets and underwear, are not air tight. Therefore, the odor which carries while escaping from your sleeve cuffs, neck and torso area sends a nasty message to animals-that “things are not going to end well”. This problem can never be stopped completely. However, we have devised a little method called Scent Gasketing. In theory, by lining these escape routes with our Bamboo and Coffee fabrics, much of the air is “scrubbed” as it laces the garment thus managing odor more effectively. 

hunter in gear - scent gasketing

​In conclusion

As you can see Badlands is and will be a major clothing/pack competitor in the outdoor world.  The company is full of great people who really focus on giving hunters what they need to enjoy their time in the woods.  Keeping hunters comfortable/warm/dry and geared up is magic on its own.  Badlands also helps out many industry shows/people/charities and fans with constant giveaways online.  They don’t focus on the big TV stars but rather the everyday hunter who needs their products.  I for one am sold on the Badlands gear clothing and packs.  Badlands holds a place in my gear room for years to come. 

hunter in field with pack and bow
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