Badlands Hunting Gear on the Boob Tube
August 11, 2015

Badlands Hunting Gear on the Boob Tube

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Here at Badlands, we pride ourselves on three things: 1) Designing and producing the best hunting gear on the planet 2) Offering the industry’s best and only iron-clad unconditional lifetime warranty 3) Having the most amazing customers, fans and users of our gear. The Badlands crowd is unique. They don’t buy gear based on the latest trend or snatch something up just because it’s new and their neighbor has one. The Badlands user knows what quality, function and dependability are all about. That being said, we wanted to tell you a bit about some of the raddest, most extreme people we know who are using Badlands gear and bringing it into your living room every week through the power of television.
SOUTHERN CHAOS (Wednesdays 7 pm ET on The Sportsman Channel)

2014 Best of Southern Chaos

Southern Chaos is hosted by NFL kicker Garrett Hartley (currently with the Pittsburgh Steelers), Guide and business owner Josh Galt, and guide Stephen West. Now…we’ve hunted with these guys, we’ve gambled with these guys in Vegas and we’ve crashed on their couches. These are some crazy dudes who really do personify “CHAOS.” Hopping from one hunt to the next, from one job to another and never slowing down and all while filming it and balancing family life. This is not your typical hunting show full of whisper shots from a treestand. This is 12 foot gators, elk, deer, ducks, bowfishing, hog hunting from an airboat…you name it, they probably do it or have it planned. Oh, and did we mention they are at the forefront of testing out Badlands gear? These guys run Badlands packs and apparel HARD and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Garrett’s Favorite Badlands Gear:

  • Badlands Clutch Pack
  • Badlands Kinetic Vest
  • Badlands Magnetic Rangefinder Case

Josh’s Favorite Badlands Gear:

  • Badlands Recon Pack
  • Badlands Enduro Jacket
  • Badlands Hat

Stephen’s Favorite Badlands Gear:

  • Badlands 2200 Pack
  • Badlands Ion Pant
  • Badlands Tactical Binocular Case


SHEEP SHAPE (Thursdays 8:30 pm ET on The Sportsman Channel)

Sheep Shape Sportsmans

Sheep Shape is unique and refreshing to say the least. More than just a hunting show, it’s inspirational, exciting and shot beautifully. Sheep Shape follows four people who have overcome or are still overcoming extreme difficulties. Chad Hall is working with a “bionic” leg after a battle with cancer. Rick Carone continues to battle cancer and somehow finds the energy and time between chemotherapy sessions to not only hunt but raise money for research. Patrick Scrogin survived a helicopter crash during his military service that no normal human being should have survived. His body is basically a rebuilt machine that he pushes to the absolute limits. Kelsie Burford has overcome not only extreme bullying but sexual abuse and puts everything she’s learned into a positive light. We couldn’t ask for a better group of people to be carrying the red bull skull with them as they chase bear, caribou, sheep, and goats over some of the roughest terrain on earth. It’s Sheep Shape and it will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Chad Hall’s Favorite Badlands Gear:

  • Badlands Summit Pack
  • Badlands Superday Pack

Rick Carone’s Favorite Badlands Gear:

  • Badlands 2200 Pack

Patrick Scrogin’s Favorite Badlands Gear:

  • Badlands 2200 Pack
  • Badlands Intake Jacket
  • Badlands Intake Pant
  • Badlands Tactical Binocular Case

Kelsie Burford’s Favorite Badlands Gear:

  • Badlands Summit Pack
  • Badlands 2200 Pack


THE HOLLYWOOD HUNTER (Sundays 10 pm ET on The Sportsman Channel)

Freddy Bear Small

Freddy Harteis, The Hollywood Hunter, is a breath of fresh air as far as outdoor television goes. Perhaps the nicest, most genuine person you’ll ever meet and as passionate about the outdoors and hunting as anyone we know. From charity events to traveling the world, Freddy is always busy and always enjoying life. The unique thing about Freddy is he doesn’t let the “California Crazies” get him down about his hunting lifestyle. It’s an understatement to say hunting doesn’t fit in in Hollywood but Freddy isn’t shy about sharing his passion with the world around him. So when you’re at the next outdoor or hunting event or tradeshow, look for the guy in the trendy kicks, tight jeans and leopard print shirt and it’s probably Freddy.

Freddy’s Favorite Badlands Gear:

  • Badlands Hybrid Jacket
  • Badlands Hybrid Pant
  • Badlands Recon Pack
  • Badlands Magnetic Binocular Case
  • Badlands Supernova Down Jacket


HUNT MASTERS (Mondays 8:30 ET on The Outdoor Channel)

Elk small

Hosted by Gregg Ritz, Hunt Masters is one of the most visually pleasing shows on outdoor television. Stunning visuals and amazing hunts from all around the world make this show a must see every single week. An industry icon, Gregg has quite literally done it all in the hunting world and loves sharing his adventures with others. It’s been a pleasure to work with Gregg as he takes Badlands packs to some of the most extreme places imaginable. Hunt Masters is exactly what the name says – hunting from a master’s perspective.

Gregg’s Favorite Badlands Gear:

  • Badlands Superday Pack
  • Badlands Ox Pack
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