Badlands Poets Among Us!
March 10, 2014

Badlands Poets Among Us!

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We had a call to action to hear some of your finest hunting/Badlands original poetry and boy did everyone deliver! You have made all the great poets proud like William Shakespeare and……hmmm….no other poets come to mind. Maybe Dr. Seuss…..Anyway, give these poems a read and get inspired for your next hunt!
Garret Gardner

It doesn’t matter if the sun is shining, or if it’s dumping snow.

Badlands is with me where ever I go.

I train for hunting season all year.
Anticipating the pack out with a giant deer.

When the hunt is on I get a rush.
Then I carefully make my way through the brush.

I draw back and let my arrow fly.
Then tears of joy I begin to cry.

For a moment in time there is not a sound.
As the monster lies there on the ground.

It’s a long pack out, but that’s okay.
I will strap him on to my super day!

It doesn’t matter if the sun is shining, or if it’s dumping snow.
Badlands is with me where ever I go.


Shawnee Bosch

The morning is cold, my breath I can see.

Bundled up warm, boots covered in pee.
Crows caw in the distance as the morning light breaks.
The monster, he stirs, from his sleeping he wakes.

A powerful “grunt” gives note to his might.
Sinking down in my chair, I avoid his line of sight.
With antlers tall, and a spread from ear to ear,
He’s the shot of a lifetime, the perfect trophy deer.

Heart pounding, hands shaking, I draw up my gun.
Shielding my eyes from the bright morning sun.
The cross hair I find, placing right on his chest
Squeezing the trigger, I take a deep breath.

All the while you’re asleep, warm in your bed,
With dreams of the hunt circling in your head.
When you wake, you’ll be jealous thinking of me.
Because I’ll be in the badlands, holding my trophy.


Dane Hershberger

Here’s my poem:

The call of the wild with a Badlands pack
Tells me there’s no turning back.
High country meadows, basins, and sage flats
Can all be seen from where I sat
Atop a lonesome ridge glassing for a big buck
That was miles and miles from my old truck.
The second day I was blessed to seal the deal
On a big muley buck and the feeling was surreal.
There are few things better in life than a big muley rack
Especially when it is strapped to a Badlands pack.


Ryder Ferguson

A hunters prayer

Dear Lord, please give me Badlands luck,
to shoot a mighty
eight point buck,
when luck like this
is in the bag,
I’ll have reason
then to brag..


Jacob Hacker

–Ode to the Prairies and Goats–
I was glassing the prairie
where the antelope be
I was lucky I had
My new Bino Case Z
When I spotted my quarry
He was off in the grass
I zipped up my Nikons
In my padded soft pack.
I crawled to a rise
With cactus in my knee joint
I knew my rifle was handy,
Because I had my new Point.
This pack is all business
It loads from the top.
No fancy zippers or gadgets
to screw up my shot!
I pulled out my rifle,
But he was too far,
I just cant make shot
From Venus to Mars!
I needed to stalk
But I didn’t fear,
For I was outfitted
In my sweet Badlands Gear
It’s hard to be cool
In my Income Bracket
But I could afford
my Exo Pant and Jacket.
The camo was perfect,
The cloth was so quiet
I was just close enough,
To put this goat on a lead diet!
I fired my shot
and there he did lay.
Another great stalk
Done the Badlands way!

Now the fun is just over,
And the work just begun.
So I called up my buddy
to get the job done
He was happy to tell me
He just opened a box
and inside was a new toy
he called it the Ox!
And when he arrived,
We were a happy pair,
We packed the whole goat up,
With much room to spare!
I just love my Badlands,
It dont get much better,
Than how I hunted the wilds
In this rhyming letter!


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