No Need to Hunt for the Perfect Father’s Day Gift
June 2, 2022

No Need to Hunt for the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

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If you have ever Googled “Best Father’s Day Gifts for Dads Who Hunt,” you may need to rethink your life’s choices.

Dads who hunt are special creatures. They’re like superhumans mixed with unicorns rolled in awesome dust. Put a little thought into it and get Dad the gear he deserves to help him hunt longer, better and more comfortably.

And for the moms out there helping the younger ones shop for Dad, we’ve got your backs as well. In fact, we’ve got options out there for just about any situation. And you don’t even need to get out of your PJs to shop for pop, thanks to

Father’s Day Gifts for Hunters

You’re an adult (or at least old enough to qualify) so you should have grown out of the tie and cologne era. If not… for shame. Now’s the year to show your maturity and get Dad a gift that will make his life afield so much easier. Heck, he may even forget about the time you borrowed his .270 and brought it back uncleaned.

The Bino D Mag binocular case will change your dad’s life. Help him to ditch the straps, which are always tangled and cause your binos to dangle in the way. Now, Dad can keep his binos and laser rangefinder safe, secure and ready when he needs them. This will make up for those many months carrying you in the Baby Bjorn that made him look like a fool. Plus… magnets are cool at any age and our Zip-No magnetic closures keep dust and debris out with the power of science!

Gifts for Dad From the Little Ones

We know there’s a big world of little folks out there who need help shopping for Papa. No sweat, we’ve got a ton of options for the wee ones to gift.

Our Leather Shooting Gloves make a great choice for the brand-new dads. The durable construction means no matter how janky the diaper may be, Dad will have all the grip he needs to wrestle that thing into the bin.

Oh, they make really nice gloves for those upland hunts or trips to the range, too.


Gifts for the Husband Who Hunts

Ladies, we already appreciate you. The hunting widow is a hard job, and too often thankless. We appreciate all your love and support of our lifestyle. That said, we really want some more cool gear, mmmmkay, thanks.

Let’s get real for a second. He’s a hunter, and that’s one of the things you love about him. But it would be nice if he was out of camo every now and then, right?

Luckily, Badlands has you (and him) covered with our lifestyle line. Now he can look good, while still feeling ready for the field.

From our new Spiffy Button Down Shirt, to the Fortis Short, you can have Dad looking like the sharpest guy on the golf course, even as he’s scanning the trees for rubs or listening for gobbles.

If he’s more casual, the Stealth Lifestyle Hoodie is the perfect choice for those spring or fall evenings around the backyard firepit or sharing a beverage with the neighbors in the driveway. He’ll look good. They’ll all be jealous. And you’ll be the goddess who made it all happen! Everybody wins!

There you have it. The perfect gifts for dads who hunt (and the moms who love them). Leave the Old Spice and “World’s Greatest Dad” coffee mugs to the amateurs. Show your dad that you love him enough to equip him in the very best.

And seriously… Clean that .270 for him, will ya? 

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