It’s OK to Fall Asleep in the Woods, it’s Called Camping
June 22, 2022

It’s OK to Fall Asleep in the Woods, it’s Called Camping

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If you’re like the crew around here, you feel like you’ve been on the run since last summer. Scouting, planning, bowhunting, fall turkey, deer season, elk season, duck season (No, rabbit season!), goose season, varmint season, spring turkey…

You need a break and now’s a great time to do it. Time in the field is what we live for, but sometimes you need to get away and recharge. It’s a great excuse to do something totally different than the time spent hunting.

It’s time to go camping.

What? You thought we were gonna tell you to go to a spa or ride roller coasters or meditate?

Camping is the ultimate in rest and recuperation. You still get to enjoy the fresh air, peaceful vistas and disconnect that first drew you into hunting, but now you don’t have to actually work at it.

Once you have the tent pitched, cabin stocked or RV parked, you’re good my friend. No early morning wake ups, no calls and decoys to stress over, no packs or bows or rifles or optics or meat to lug around.

Just a campfire (where legal), a comfy chair and a beverage (where legal) of your choice.

Truth told, we just got back from a week in the camper and it was everything we were hoping it would be. In other words, it was nothing. Aside from walking the dogs, eating and fighting the overly stiff zipper on the Yeti, we did nothing at all. Slept until the birds woke us, napped when we wanted, stayed up late staring at the campfire… Bliss.

Nothing ever filled our days as well as it did last week.

Kids seem to be less needy when there’s a great outdoors to explore. Spouses seem to be more easygoing when you’re both chill. Food can be as complex as a hot dog on a stick, and cleanliness is next to… Meh, we’ll hose it off when we get home.

As we look to the calendar, we can already see the circles marking the next trail camera maintenance trip, the next habitat upkeep day and the start of the serious scouting season. As much as we can’t wait to get back to hunting, right now, these feel like… Work.

There’s always plenty to do as the seasons get rolling, so we say why add to it? The brush will wait, the treestand will stay there another week or two and the critters aren’t going anywhere. We say, take some time and just enjoy nature for what it offers.



Fresh air.



$#!++% cell reception.

Take it in, let all the stress out. It’s cool… It’s camping.

PS: Don’t forget, you can get everything you need to campfire and chill on our Camping Collection page!

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