Take the Worry Out of Holiday Shopping With Our Hunter’s Gift Guide
November 15, 2022

Take the Worry Out of Holiday Shopping With Our Hunter’s Gift Guide

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Today, Badlandians, we want to talk to some new visitors to the page. Feel free to stick around though, as we’re meeting with these folks today for your benefit.

See, we’ve got a whole bunch of new faces on the blog today who have landed here via some variation of the search term “holiday gifts for hunters.”

Congratulations, you’ve reached the right page. As you struggle to figure out a gift for the outdoorsmen and women in your life, you may find yourself vapor locked with all the options and stuff out there. Relax, sit back, pour yourself a nice frosty eggnog and let us help you make someone’s holiday cheery and bright.


Husband/Dad/Son Level

Cold, windblown and miserable is no way to go through life, so help your favorite hunter stay happy with the new Silens line

This line features the Silens Jacket, Vest, Hoodie, Bib and Pant, and all combine warm, silent fleece with insulation in all the right places and comfort stretch and articulation for mobility.

What does all that mean? It means your hunter will be warm and quiet without feeling like Ralphie’s little brother from A Christmas Story.

Uncle/Cousin/Best Friend Level

Packs, packs, packs! Every hunter loves their packs, and for good reason. You need stuff in the field, and until the hunting caddy/valet catches on, it’s up to the hunter to tote his or her own gear.

Our new Switch Pack is one of those brilliant gifts. At the base, you have a perfect-sized pack for the whitetail or super mobile big game hunter. But look closer, and you’ll see that the Switch is our most versatile pack ever. Brilliantly designed (if we do say so ourselves) attachment points allow for a variety of SWAP accessories to let your loved ones set their packs up just the way they want them.

And as a gift giver, now you have a go-to for birthdays, anniversaries, Arbor Day, whatever. If they need a gift, you can just add the latest SWAP accessory to their collection. We be thinking this gift stuff through, yo.

Distant Cousin/Friend/Work Pal Level

Look, you have two options. The pre-boxed, gift-aisle collections of car wash products or meat/cheese/mustard sets… Or something badass your hunter can actually use.

And nothing gets used as much as a good beanie.

Far cooler (stylistically) than the old pom pom-topped stocking cap and way warmer than a trucker hat, the Pecora Merino Beanie is a pocket-sized gem perfect for those cool days when the wind whips. Merino wool is that magic material that doesn’t itch, is super soft, wicks moisture away like crazy and keeps just the right amount of warm in.

The Pecora Merino Beanie is the bomb for anyone, but especially those with a bit more exposed skin than most, either by choice or by genetics. No judging, it looks good on you.

Office Gift Exchange/Teacher/Delivery Person Level

If you have these hunters in these critical relationships and you want to show them some love this holiday season, there’s no better gift than a Badlands gift card. Just hit us up at BadlandsGear.com and buy them right from your desk. It’s always the right size, always the right color and lets them pick just the right thing.


If you’re stuck looking for that perfect something for the female hunter or outdoorswoman, your stress is over. We’ve got the absolute best gear for women out there. No joke.

By this point, you probably feel like you’ve scoured the internet trying to find something perfect for the hunter in your life. And, if you’ve paid attention, you know the struggle is real to find hunting gear that actually… fits. Lots of it can feel like it’s the same stuff as what’s made for the fellas, just with pink stitching.

Well, new friends, you’ve hit the mother lode here.

Wife/Mother/Daughter Level

Bibs are fantastic for those super cold and windy whitetail hunts, where hunters start to feel like part of the tree after a few hours. But, none of them seem to work for women, at least not in the real outdoors.

So, when we designed the Pyre Bib and Jacket set for women, we brought in our top female hunters (and female designers) to put together the ultimate bib that really works for women.

How so, you may ask?

Right off the bat, the Pyre Bib allows women in the field to attend to calls of nature, without having to get undressed. Which if you think about it, seems like a pretty obvious thing, yet it’s one that so many others overlook. I mean, it’s so cold that you need a bib, why not require its removal just to use the restroom? Silly, and the first thing we addressed.

Next up, we made sure the design was actually shaped for a woman’s body. It’s a bit snugger in some areas, and a bit roomier in others. Men and women have different shapes and we thought it was about time someone designed clothing with that in mind. We’re crazy like that.

 Aunt/Cousin/Best Friend Level

Hoodies. The do-it-all garment that works as an under layer, an outer layer or a lifestyle piece. Women get a bad rap for stealing them from men all the time, but now there’s no reason.

The Detour Women’s Hoodie is water-resistant, insulated in the key spots and made of a quiet and durable fabric.

Oh, and naturally it’s also cut to fit the female form. How? Well, how about a slightly larger hood to accommodate ponytails, buns or other hair retention methods. Yeah, we thought about the smallest of detail. Imagine what bigger issues we solved first?

Distant Cousin/Friend/Work Pal Level

Hunt. Shoot. Repeat. That’s what goes through the mind of the women who hunt and now you can help them proudly share that with our Hunt. Shoot. T-shirt. Fashionably cut for women, in a quite striking indigo blue, the Hunt. Shoot. Tee lets your outdoorswoman share her passion with the world.

The Impossible-to-Please Acquaintance

We all have these people in our life. They are, as our mother used to say, the type that would complain if you hung them with a new rope. No, we don’t really get what she meant either, but the sentiment still rings true.

For these particular pals, there’s the Badlands gift card. Pick the amount that will please even the most picky and let them be their own personal shopper. BadlandsGear.com makes it super easy to buy, which makes them even more rewarding to gift.

Hopefully we’ve taken some of the weight off your shoulders this holiday season. If you’re still a little stuck, give us a shout and we’ll help you find the perfect gift for the man, woman, child or random stranger in your life.

We’re the informational gift that keeps on giving.

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